Dannon James Childs and Valentina Serano-Lopez are Chosen as the First Students of Character at Tatum Elementary!

Valentina is in first grade at Tatum Elementary. She lives with her Mom, Maria; her Dad, Carlos; her sisters, Valeria and Vanessa; and her brother, Carlos. Valentina loves working with computers. She enjoys learning new computer programs, music, and singing. When Valentina is not at school, she enjoys playing outside with her brother and talking on the phone. When Valentina grows up, she wants to be a cheerleader.
"Valentina has a lovely heart," said Ms. Latimer, Valentina's kindergarten teacher. "She is full of joy, and each time I see her in the hallway, she is smiling. I feel her most outstanding quality is her work ethic. Valentina was new to Tatum last year, and through her hard work, she excelled in learning and was the most improved student in her class, ranking first in her classroom."

Valentina's first-grade teachers, Mrs. Osinski and Mrs. Peters describe Valentina as caring, respectful, and helpful when a classmate needs help. She is a hardworking student with a positive attitude.

Congratulations on being a Student of Character, Valentina! If you see her, please congratulate her.
D James is in second grade at Tatum Elementary. He lives with his Mom, Heidi; his Dad, Dannon; his brothers, Parker and Benji; and his sister, Allie Mae. James' favorite subject at school is math. He told us it makes his brain work, and multiplication and addition are his favorites. He enjoys playing with his brothers, playing Minecraft, and jumping on the trampoline when he's not at school. When James grows up, he wants to be a doctor or a teacher to help people.

"James is an outstanding young man. He is polite, respectful, and caring," said Mrs. Barber, James' second-grade teacher. "He is always eager to learn and be challenged. He is helpful to others and his teacher in class. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is an outstanding leader."

"James is quite smart and always does the right thing," said James' first-grade teacher, Mrs. Osinski. "He cares for others and wants everyone to be happy."

Congratulations on being a Student of Character, James! If you see him, please congratulate him.