Websites for First Grade Families

Phonics Songs and Videos

These songs help children learn letters and their sounds:

English Phonics

Phonics Song 2
Letter Sounds in English level 1
Who Let the Letters Out? (letter names, not sounds)
Who Let the Letters Out? (with letter names AND sounds)
Phonics (ABC) Song for Kids A-L (Dream English Kids)
Kids Easy Phonics (ABC) Song 2 M-Z (Dream English Kids)
Alphabet Phonics - Busy Beavers video (not a song)
Phonics songs with Two Words (from ChuChu TV Kids Songs)
Phonics Song 3 (from KidsTV123)
Letter Sounds Song (from KidsTV123)

Spanish Phonics


Reading Websites

Six Games for Reading
     This article describes games that can be made at home to help kids practice reading skills.

Math Songs and Videos

Math Website

​     See your child's teacher for username and password